Seva Kendra


Welcome to Salvation Seva Kendra


A hearty welcome to one and all. Our Parish Church is well known to all who come this way. It is the spiritual beehive of Dadar West! But over the years, the other side of our Parish is getting more and more well known to most of our people of the Church of Bombay: the social-service of our Salvation Seva Kendra.

Enter our Church complex by the side gate and you will see all the facilities and amenities listed on the boards at the very entrance. Walk on. Go past the side entrance to the Rectory (Priests’ Residence) and you come to the side entrances of the Salvation Seva Kendra. The little entrance before the main door leads to the Medical Centre. Then comes the main entrance to this building complex.

On the ground floor we have, straight ahead, our Parish Community Centre, or the Mukti Seva Kendra. There you will be greeted by two of our specially-trained Social workers: Subasini Nayak & assisted by Sunita Borkar.

Also on the ground floor you will find, on your left, the Dadar Group of the “Alcoholics Anonymous”. This very active unit meets every single day of the week (except Fridays). This room is also used for regular meetings of the Al-Anon.

A lift or the steps will take you to the first floor – with all the Conference Rooms where you find the various activities of our parish being held including the Administrative Office.

On the second floor, you have the “Seva Kendra Hall” which is the venue for not only our own programmes and functions, but also for more and more of the activities of the entire Archdiocese of Bombay. The bookings of the hall and the Conference Rooms need to be done in advance with our Manager, in the Parish Office.

Then the lift or the stairways will bring you to the third floor. On one side are the Offices of the Catholic Charismatic Centre, and on the other is the residence-cum-office of our Zonal Bishop Barthol Barretto.

Someone once remarked that on any given Sunday, you will find at least five programmes running simultaneously in the various parts of this Seva Kendra building and very often, one or other group occupying the Church itself. No wonder, as the saying goes, “All roads lead to Dadar”.