1. Today, the Feast of Our Lord Jesus Christ King of the Universe. Masses in the morning will be as follows :

6.30 am- Mass in Konkani, 7.45 am, 9.00 am & 10.15 am – in English. There will No Evening Masses.

Holy Hour of Adoration will be conducted as follows :

Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament : 11:15 am

11:15 am – St. Luke Zone, 12:15 am – St. Mathew Zone

1:15 pm – St. John Zone, 2:15 pm – St. Mark Zone

3:15 pm – Priests & Religious, 4:15 pm – Christian Meditation Group

4:45 pm – Silent Adoration, 5:00 pm – Sermon in Konkani

5:15 pm – Solemn Procession with the Holy Eucharist,

6:15 pm – Sermon in English & Benediction.

For details kindly see the flexes put up in the Church compound & at the Church rear entrance.

2. Children are reminded to come with their parents during the day for Adoration . At the evening service the children of std V & VI will wear their capes and walk in procession with their catechists . 

3. Meeting of PPC and SCC Animators of St. Luke and St. John Zones at 7.15 pm and St. Mathew and St. Mark Zones at 8.00 pm in Conf. Room No. 3, on Weds., 29th Nov. 

4. 1st Dec., First Friday of the month, Mass in Konkani at 6.00 pm. Holy Half Hour Devotions after the 7.00 pm Mass. 

5. Sun., 3rd Dec., Presentation of the Creed to the First Holy Communicants and Confirmands at the 7.45 am Mass along with their parents they will occupy the front pews in the Church. God parents and prayer guardians are also encouraged to attend. Prayer Service will be conducted on Sat., 2nd Dec., in the Communities to prepare for the same.

6. Triduum in preparation for the Feast of St. Francis Xavier on 1st, 2nd & 3rd Dec. at 5.45 pm. Monday, 4th Dec., Feast of St. Francis Xavier. Devotion and Litiany at 5.30 pm followed by Feast Mass, organized by St. Francis Xavier Konkani Choir. At 7.00 pm Mass in English as usual.

7. The Parish Bible Cell will be organising sessions on Pope Benedict XVI’s writings on the ‘Infancy Narratives’ on Saturdays 2nd, 9th & 16th December, at 7:45 pm in Conference Room No 1. All are invited.   

8. The Parish Youth Council in collaboration with the Children’s Parliament is staging “ A Musical ” in the last week of December. All kids and youth are urged to participate. For registration contact the Parish Office or the Youth representatives. Parishioners wishing to make any contribution towards the Musical can contact Fr. Lawrence. 

9. The Society of St. Vincent De Paul – The Conferences of Our Lady of Salvation & St. Francis of Assisi have planned to have their Annual Charity Drive on   Sat., 2nd Dec., after the 7.00 pm Mass and on Sun., 3rd Dec after all Masses. Please donate generously.

10. No Sunday School today, on account of Feast of Christ the King.

11. Envelopes & Boxes marked, The Advent Campaign against Hunger and Disease, organized by Centre for Social Action are kept in the Church. Please donate generously. For details see the notice board.

12. Thank you very much for last Sunday’s collection which amounted to Rs. 58,980/-

                                                                                                                                         Parish Priest