1.Children going to Std. IV are eligible to receive Holy Communion and all those students going to XI Std., kindly register for Confirmation, Online or at the Parish office by 13th June latest.

2.Sunday School begins next Sunday, 18th June. A gentle reminder to all our parents to send your children promptly on tome for children’s Mass at 7.45 am and thereafter to the Sunday School.

3.Pre-Baptism Parenting Course for expectant parents on 23rd and 24th June. Please register in the parish office.

4.Registration to the “ Bible Timeline ” programme open. Limited seats are available. For details please see the notice board.

5.Parish Pastoral Council ( PPC ) meeting will be held on Wed., 21st June, at 7.15 in the Seva Kendra Hall.

6.St. Joseph’s Choral Society presents the Annual Parish Talent Contest- Classical, on Saturday, 15th July, at 4.00 pm, in the Seva Kendra Hall. Entry Forms available in the parish office and with Choir members. For further details, please see the notice board.

7.Thank you very much for your contribution for last Sunday amounting to Rs.46,490/-

Fr. Barthol Barretto
Parish Priest