First Holy Communion ls on Sunday the 21st of Jan. 2018 at 10.15 am Mass . Kindly note that the main body of the church will be reserved for the First Holy Communicants along with their parents and family members. Prayer service will be held in the communities on 20th Jan. Prayer sheets are available in the Parish Office.

     Practices for the First Holy Communicants will be held on 16th & 17th January from 6.30 pm to 8.00 pm. in the Seva Kendra Hall. On 18th January Confessions from 5.00 pm to 7.00 pm. On 19th January practice from 6.30 pm to 8.30 pm. Both parents are expected to be present for the practice.

     There will be no Sunday School on 21st January due to the First Holy Communion.

     We are preparing to celebrate the Parish Feast & Sal Utsav 2018 on 3rd & 4th of February this Year. The theme this year is “Building Communities to reach out in service especially to the Poor” The Sponsorship and brochure forms are available in the Parish Office.and the event will raise funds for the Parish Community and Medical Centre. The competition forms are available with Volunteers in the Church Compound and during the week days in the parish office..Also Brochure forms will be available with the PPC Members and Steering Committee Members. Kindly patronize and participate in large numbers.

     This year we will be conducting a Novena in preparation for the Parish Feast of Our Lady of Salvation beginning from 26th January to 3rd February 2018. The Konkani Novena Masses will be at 6.00 pm everyday except on Sunday 28th Jan & on Sat. 3rd Feb it will be at 5..45 pm The English Novena Masses will be at 7.00 pm every day except on Sun. 28th Jan it will be at the 7.45 am Mass and on Sat. 3rd Feb. it will be at 7 pm preceded by singing of the 1st Vespers at 6.30 pm. The 7.00 pm Novena Masses Liturgy will be prepared and conducted by 4 zones in order to foster Vibrant participation of our communities. We encourage our parishioners to participate in the Novena in large numbers.

     We will also be putting up food stalls in the Porch near the Bell tower after the Novena those interested may register at the Parish Office.

     Chaplets of the Divine Mercy will be recited and sung both in English & Konkani on Friday the 19th January after the 7 pm mass.

     Christian Unity week begins from 18th to 25th January 2018. Prayers for Christian Unity will be recited on these days at all masses.

     P.L.T. Meeting on 24th January 2018.

     Practice for Cantors on Friday 19th January at 7.45 pm

     Thank you very much for last Sunday’s Collection which amounted to Rs.65,310/- Box Collection for the month of December 2017 Rs.94,750/- & Crib Collection Rs. 9,730/-.

                                                                                                                                                                                                    Parish Priest